Photo of Law Minister K Shanmugam from AFP

In his interview with state media CNA, Law Minister K Shanmugam said that the government will decide which news is fake or real and that if Singaporeans believe he is abusing power, they can always remove him via the election.

“Well, it is not the Government that is the sole arbiter or will be the sole arbiter. In the end, any laws will provide for redress. If it’s true news that is sought to be censored, people can then see that the Government is abusing its power, and as I said earlier, our population is very savvy. If the Government abuses its power, it won’t remain in government for long.”

Citing government surveys results, Law Minister K Shanmugam also said that Singaporeans have “very high trust” in his ruling party government and the government agencies:

“You’ve got to start before the few weeks; the kind of trust people have and the kind of faith people have in government, again, if you look at international surveys and our own internal surveys, the trust in government, trust in institutions, trust in the Government’s competence, trust in the Government’s honesty – I think it is very high in Singapore. I have read out in Parliament our internal survey showing that more than 90 per cent of Singaporeans trust our police force. Ninety-seven per cent feel safe walking alone, even at night. That is the kind of trust in the judiciary, the police force and the Government that very few countries can boast of. Not that we ought to be boasting. We should not be boasting. So we start from a very good place.”

The CNA reporter then asked if the government surveys results can be trusted and the Law Minister said that his government “is not in the habit of making up numbers” and that he “have to live with disagreements”.

You may read the full interview here.