Photo of Khaw Boon Wan from Facebook

SMRT yesterday (July 12) under-report the train breakdown delay, throwing commuters into disarray at all affected train stations. According to SMRT’s Twitter during the peak hour morning, the public transport operator posted a tweet advising passengers of a 10 minute delay along the East-West Line due to a signalling fault. However, the actual waiting time stretched more than 4 times as far as 45 minutes.

Commuters took to SMRT’s twitter page and slammed the government-owned transport operator for posting fake news and lying. The fault was only resolved more than 2 hours later at 11pm. This is not the first time SMRT is dishonest in making public announcements, there has been similar inaccurate reporting and cover ups in recent years.

SMRT cover up train break downs to avoid criticisms

Ruling party leaders like Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan and Second Transport Minister Ng Chee Meng have all given up on solving the train breakdowns which are occurring as frequent as weekly. There has been no ministerial address on train breakdowns, and worse, the government has been publishing propaganda fake news claiming rail reliability has improved and that public transport satisfaction being at its “all-time-high”.

The two CEOs of SMRT are both former army generals, Desmond Kuek and Lee Ling Wee. Under the two ex-military officers, SMRT was de-listed from the stock exchange and the train network sees worsening service standards and more expensive train fares.