Photo of Lee Kuan Yew from Straits Times

In a joint statement issued yesterday (June 6), the younger Lee siblings offered a conditional ceasefire to their Prime Minister brother. The government-controlled media distorted the agreement by claiming that the Lee siblings “realised their wrong” and that this is a happy ending, the fact of the matter is that this is anything but a reconciliation.

The letter was in fact an offense hitting at Lee Hsien Loong with the following facts on record:

1) Lee Hsien Loong has been proven in Parliament to have abused his power to conclude he is innocent
2) Lee Hsien Loong started the argument on the day the will was read, and refuse to speak to his younger siblings since that day
3) Lee Hsien Loong threatened and intimidated his younger siblings
4) Lee Hsien Loong wants to renovate the house and move in with Ho Ching, so as to shore up his reputation by milking his deceased father’s political capital
5) Lee Kuan Yew never once considered preserving 38 Oxley Road
6) “Lee Hsien Loong wears two faces”: in public an honourable son, while in private, a dishonourable son who wants to destroy his father’s will through the abuse of government
7) Evidence provided to the public has only been met with hostility and denial by the government
8) Parliament is not independent because the PAP MPs’ seats are controlled by Lee Hsien Loong
9) Lee Hsien Loong attempts to rewrite history by lying that Lee Kuan Yew “wavered in his unwavering wish”
10) Ministerial Committee is corrupted and controlled, Lee Hsien Loong did not recuse himself as claimed
11) Ministerial Committee resorted to straw man argument and disparaged the Lee siblings’ reputation by claiming their questions went answered because they were “inconvenient”
12) Lee Kuan Yew did not find a government gazette acceptable
13) More evidence provided will only lead to the government distorting the truth further
14) Ceasefire is conditional, provided that Lee Kuan Yew’s wish is no longer misrepresented or defied
15) Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang are ready to fight

The Lee siblings ended their joint letter with an official record of a list of evidence presented so far. You may view the joint letter here, and the compiled evidence here.