Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook

Corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong declared himself victorious and delivered the closing statement yesterday (July 4) concluding that he is innocent:

“The facts and explanations have been put on the record, and Singaporeans have been given a full account of how the Government works, and what the Government has done, in the case of 38 Oxley Road. The allegations have been aired, have been answered and rebutted. And people can see that there has been no abuse of power, by me or the Government. I hope that this two-day debate has cleared the air and will calm things down.”

PM Lee also declared that Singaporeans’ confidence in the ruling party PAP has been “restored” from the two-day long Parliament session, and that his government has “observed due process”.

A total of 29 MPs spoke and none of them accused the Prime Minister of power abuse. Only 18 out of 82 PAP MPs and 6 PAP-Nominated MPs spoke and all of them ended up defending Lee Hsien Loong instead.

Lee Wei Ling last night called out Lee Hsien Loong’s lie made in Parliament, clarifying that she was the one who approached her younger brother Lee Hsien Yang to participate in the deal where the PM offered to sell his share of the house for S$1. Lee Hsien Loong said:

“My brother wanted in on the deal, he wanted to join in and jointly buy the house with my sister from me for S$1.”

Photo from Facebook

In another email record, Lee Hsien Loong was found to have lied to his father that the house was gazetted when it was not.