Screenshot of Low Thia Kiang

Opposition leader Low Thia Kiang today (July 4) poked fun at corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pointing out that the dictator is not suing his siblings, and that if it were him making the allegations, the PM will sue him “until pants drop”:

“We are talking about upholding the legacy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. By using family, does this not also show that blood is thicker than water? Own sibling cannot sue? After all we’re all brother and sisters? But political opponents … sue until your pants drop.”

Below is Low Thia Kiang’s full speech:

“This episode, there is no investigation done. This is “ownself defend ownself” in the Parliament with the PAP MPs. How are you going to convince me, my party and Singaporeans that is is conclusive or something that we are all convinced entirely. Though I am prepared to give the benefit of doubt to the Prime Minister. I understand the Prime Minister’s difficulty in suing your own siblings and that he is worried that he will further damage his parents’ names.

Sigh…I hope that he will clarify on some nagging questions over why he didn’t sue. First, does PM not agree that his family is not an ordinary Singaporean family and the person on the centre of the issue is the Prime Minister of Singapore and not any other person.

(PAP Speaker Halimah Yacob attempts to stop Opposition Low Thia Kiang from speaking, and relented to allow him to continue after a short dispute.)

Secondly, I wonder if the PM is not worried that the ruling party is not seen as double standards. Has he forgotten that the former PM, ESM Goh Chok Tong, sued the Workers’ Party candidate Tang Liang Hong during General Election 1997, for just making a police report. But now this allegation is much more serious than that! And more importantly…we are talking about the legacy of Lee Kuan Yew, that the nation and the law is above individuals. By using family, tsk, does that mean blood is thicker than water? Own sibling cannot sue, after all we all brothers and sisters. But political opponents and critics, sue until pants drop!”