Screenshot of Lee Hsien Loong in Parliament

Corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today (July 4) openly admitted his corruptions that there is conflict of interests on the appointment of Attorney-General Lucien Wong, who is his former personal lawyer, and Deputy Attorney-General Hri Kumar, who is his former subordinate PAP MP. The admission was made in a laughing manner, just before his crying scene:

“Because Lucien Wong is previously my lawyer and Hri Kumar was a PAP MP. SMS Indranee Rajah gave a clear reply yesterday. It is perfectly normal for lawyers to have existing clients and connections, and to encounter potential conflicts of interest when they change jobs. In fact, lawyers with no clients and connections probably have no job (hahah).”

Lee Hsien Loong then said his lawyers can “recuse” themselves like how he “recuse” himself from the 38 Oxley Road decision:

“But the way to deal with this is quite standard: For the lawyers to recuse themselves when matters come up which they had previously dealt with in the previous capacity. The rules are quite clear, all professional lawyers know how to handle such matters. And every time a lawyer moves from practice onto the bench to become a judge, the judge has to do the same because he has old cases, and cases who appeared before the court and he cannot participate in the cases if they turned up before the court. So there is no problem of conflict at all in Lucien Wong or Hri Kumar becoming AG and DAG.”

Lee Hsien Loong then continued laughing in his speech:

“Lucien Wong was my lawyer, and now he is in the AGC, I have lost a good lawyer. He is not advising me anymore on this matter…so on this matter, another officer in the AGC takes charge.”

However Lee Hsien Loong did not tell the whole truth because Lucien Wong is not “just another officer” in the AGC, Lucien Wong is the head of AGC as the Attorney General. The PM has also unwittingly made multiple admissions that he made his personal lawyer the Attorney General.

“When Lucien Wong’s name came out in the list for AG, I endorsed him with confidence… I have even more confidence because I have had direct experience working with him on this case. My personal case… I was recommending him. I told them! I told my Cabinet, that Lucien Wong is my lawyer, a very good lawyer. The Opposition will make an issue of this, I don’t consider them as an impediment.”