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A faulty HDB lift from PAP Town Council plunged 4 storeys to the ground floor and injured a woman in the lift. The woman suffered a torn ligament injury as a result of the fall. A family of five who were on a Hari Raya Puasa visit were traumatised by the incident yesterday (July 2) at Block 542 Jurong West Ave 1.

The lift almost amputated the leg of the father of the family and he was lucky to be pulled back by his brother who heard a “snap” before the lift plunged 4 levels. The impact of the lift on free fall caused the lift to submerge one-third below ground landing. The family quickly escaped after they pried open the doors.

According to the victim, the PAP MP in charge of the area, Minister Desmond Lee, was informed of a similar incident a year ago which happened to a group of boys. However, Minister Desmond Lee took no actions:

“So, before this, there was an accident happened but it was a group of boys and none were injured. This matter was brought up to the Town Council and the MP while they made their rounds in the neighbourhood. The MP was informed about this matter upfront by the residents and even after a year, no action taken.”

You may read the victim’s post here.