Photo of blood donors from Straits Times

The Ministry of Health (MOH) was exposed to have cover-up tuberculosis (TB) infection at the blood bank which happened in “mid-April”. The health ministry refuse to reveal more details on the infection or if there is any blood donor or staff who were infected.

The incident was first reported by Chinese papers Lian He Wan Bao on Thursday (June 29), and the MOH was forced to publish a press release after media reporters probed the Health Science Authority (HSA) only yesterday (June 30).

“A staff member at the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) blood bank at Outram Park has been diagnosed with active tuberculosis, prompting other staff to be screened for the infection. The Health Ministry’s (MOH) tuberculosis control unit informed HSA of the diagnosis, which was made in mid-April, and has helped to facilitate screening of staff who were identified as the patient’s close contacts.”

MOH played down the infection in their press release saying there is no cases of “active tuberculosis” and blood donors or recipients “have nothing to be worried about”:

“No cases of active tuberculosis have been found. Blood donors who have visited the Health Sciences Authority’s (HSA) blood bank in Outram Park have nothing to be worried about. Blood donors or recipients are not at risk as they did not have prolonged contact with the individual.”

State propaganda media Straits Times also assist in the cover-up by featuring two “donors” who are “not worried”. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong is unavailable for comments.