Photo of elderly victims and murderer

The Indonesia government today (June 29) confirmed that the Indonesian maid, 41-year-old Khasanah, who murdered an elderly couple after robbing them will not be deported back to Singapore for trial. According to Indonesia Police’s Inspector General:

“The case will be handled by Polri in cooperation with the Singapore Police Force, but the suspect Khasanah will not be sent to Singapore due to the principle of personaliteit. Personaliteit is a local legal principle which states that any Indonesian arrested in the country for a crime committed overseas must be processed in Indonesia, instead of being sent to the jurisdiction where the offence took place.”

Indonesian maid murdered elderly couple and fled Singapore

The Indonesian maid worked in Singapore for about a month and murdered her two elderly employers on June 21. She was last seen in Singapore leaving on a ferry from HarbourFront Centre to Batam island. On June 27, she was arrested at her hotel room in Indonesia’s Jambi province following a tip off. Among the items found in her hotel room were jewelleries, valuables and cash. Khasanah has since confessed to the police that she murdered the elderly couple and she is currently detained pending a court trial.

This is Singapore’s second high-profile failed attempt to deport a criminal who left the country. In July 2016, a Canadian robber committed a bank robbery in Singapore and escaped to Thailand. The Thai police refuse to deport the robber to Singapore despite numerous requests from the Singapore government.