Photo of Parliament from Straits Times

Lee Kuan Yew’s death in 2015 helped his Prime Minister son won that year’s election, and PM Lee Hsien Loong is quick to forget that victory already. Today, two years after his death, Lee Hsien Loong show how much disrespect he has for his late father by refusing to honour his last will.

In the first year of his father’s death, the flip flop Prime Minister started benignly accepting to the demolishment of 38 Oxley Road and in less than a year, he is now openly against it. The real problem of the 38 Oxley Road debacle is that Lee Hsien Loong did not stop at disagreement, he abused the premiership powers he ironically inherited from his father to deny his father’s will. With the help of legally-trained cronies like Law Minister K Shanmugam and Senior Minister Indranee Rajah, the ingrate son demolished Lee Kuan Yew’s “rule of law” system by perverted legal methods.

Worse, Lee Hsien Loong is ruthless against his two younger siblings and has vowed to “take actions against their accusations” – suggesting that he might throw Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling into the jail. The younger brother sensed danger and announced that he has to leave Singapore, which he did so just yesterday (June 25).

Lee Hsien Yang left for Hong Kong and he is unlikely to return until at least after July 3rd, when the PM-controlled Parliament has to decide how to criminalise the younger Lee siblings. In fact, one does not need to wait until July 3rd to know the verdict. A few MPs and 7 Ministers – two Deputy PMs, two Senior Ministers, three full Ministers – have already spoken to state media saying that they support Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and even praised the dictator PM for being “brave and honourable”. Out of 90 MPs in Parliament, 83 are PAP MPs fully controlled by the PM.

What is going to happen in Parliament on 3rd July, has all been given a preview in the past week. The first agenda will be to contest the will, and suggesting that the seasoned politician and lawyer Lee Kuan Yew did not know what he was signing, according to Senior Minister Indranee Rajah. The second agenda is to put words in the dead man’s mouth saying that Lee Kuan Yew had left instructions on what to do when demolishment is not happening, according to Senior Minister Indranee Rajah again.

The third agenda is to create smoke and mirrors surrounding the signing of the third will, by claiming that the last will was made in a “deeply troubling manner”, as suggested by Lee Hsien Loong. The fourth agenda is to show the government’s might, and rule that a legal will can be override by the government, according to Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Heng and Senior Minister Desmond Lee. The fifth agenda is to misrepresent Singaporeans’ wishes by claiming that preserving 38 Oxley Road is “in the interests of the public”.

Oh and last but not least, PM Lee is not involved in all of the above.