Poll result

According to the latest poll, most Singaporeans respect founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s will to demolish his house 38 Oxley Road. A total of 1,046 were surveyed yesterday (June 24) and 97.4% (1,019) voted yes.

Most comments on the survey wrote that the dead’s will should be respected regardless whether if there is public interests. Some wrote that a heritage centre can be built elsewhere and that there is no need to deny Lee Kuan Yew’s dying wishes.

The top comment of the survey by Richard Tay wrote:
“LKY has contributed a lot to Singapore. Without LKY there will not be a Singapore as it is today. He has stated his wish clearly for his house to be demolished over TV.

As a Singaporean, I feel strongly that his wish has to be honoured and fulfilled, this is the least we can do for him. Not to preserve the house for whatever reasons. As the son, I would fight for it not to mention if I am the PM.

The government can allocate another place to build a monument , but please let his wish be fulfilled. This is the minimum respect we we can accord respect Singapore’s founding father.”

Lee Kuan Yew has repeatedly made public his will in various interviews and even through his son in a speech in Parliament that the house is to be demolished to prevent a cult personality culture built in his name. Worrying that his eldest son Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will not abide by his will, Lee Kuan Yew left a secret last will and appointed his two other children Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling to be the executors of his estate after his death.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong however wanted to defy the will so he can build a Lee heritage monument and keep the country’s Prime Minister role reserved for his son and their descendants. Lee Hsien Loong has prepared his son Li Hong Yi for premiership, and the son is now a high ranking official at the propaganda ministry, Ministry of Communications and Information.

Through his dictatorship powers, Lee Hsien Loong abused his powers on several occasions, including setting up a Ministerial Committee to override the will through legalised corruption methods. The Ministerial Committee, which Lee Hsien Loong distanced himself from, has dictated that Lee Kuan Yew’s will would not be complied and that the government has the right to confiscate 38 Oxley Road under existing government laws.

The corrupted Prime Minister’s wish to deny his father’s will has also led to revelations of other crimes committed. Ho Ching, the PM’s wife, is proven guilty of theft, Minister Lawrence Wong is guilty of lying and fabricating fake news and Law Minister K Shanmugam was revealed to be a double-head snake betraying his good friend Lee Wei Ling.