Photo of victims from Facebook

A newly-hired Indonesian maid murdered her elderly Singaporean employers, took the valuables and money from the house and fled Singapore on a ferry back to Indonesia.

The elderly couple, Chia Ngim Fong, 79, and Chin Sek Fah, 78, were found dead by their grandson on Wednesday (June 21) at their 5-room executive HDB flat at Block 717, Bedok Reservoir Road. The retiree grandfather was found in the master bedroom and the grandmother was in the bathroom, both deceased had their hands bounded by raffia strings. All valuables and money were missing from the flat. The police retrieved three knives from the rubbish chute.

According to neighbours, the elderly man was a vegetable seller before he retired and he had problems with walking after he suffered a stroke. The elderly lady was kind-hearted and would often give money to foreign worker cleaners money for lunch.

Photo from Facebook

The Indonesian maid, Khasanah, 41, had only started a month ago and has since fled for Indonesia leaving on a ferry from HarbourFront Centre. Khasanah is listed as the main suspect by the Singapore Police and there is currently a police warrant on her in Indonesia.