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UPDATE: States Times Review found a media release by the National Heritage Board confirming that the exhibition started on March 25, further ascertaining that NHB has lied. Details here:

The National Heritage Board (NHB) apologised to Lee Hsien Yang yesterday (June 22) to cover up for the wife of Prime Minister, Ho Ching, saying that the PM’s wife did not take Lee Kuan Yew’s items while he was fighting for his breath in the hospital.

Lee Kuan Yew fell into grave ill on 5th Feb 2015, and according to leaked official transmittal documentation signed off by the NHB, the next day (6th Feb 2015) Ho Ching took the opportunity to “collect” Lee Kuan Yew’s items when he was in hospital. The PM wife was listed as the point of contact under the Prime Minister’s Office where she has no official title. As a result, Ho Ching was lambasted by the public as unfilial and ruthless for taking LKY’s belongings while her father-in-law patriarch was on the verge of death in the hospital.

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The NHB yesterday tried to cleanse Ho Ching’s tainted reputation, by claiming they made “clerical errors” in the transmittal documents and that the dates should be after Lee Kuan Yew’s death on 6th April 2015 instead.

However, NHB’s correction of the date meant Ho Ching is now a thief for stealing LKY’s assets when she is not the executor of LKY’s estate in the will. The official executors are Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling. Lee Hsien Loong was rejected by Lee Kuan Yew in a secret last will he was unaware of.

Despite the pressing evidence presented, the Singapore Police and Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) are not taking actions against the PM’s wife. Lee Hsien Loong was also earlier proven to have abused his PM’s powers to obtain a confidential document from NHB, and there is no action from the police.

As the CEO of Temasek Holdings for over 13 years, Ho Ching has lost undisclosed billions of CPF monies. The country’s CPF retirement age was extended, Minimum Sum doubled to S$166,000, interest rates depressed at 2.5% for 13 years, and became increasing inaccessible because Temaske Holdings and GIC (where Lee Hsien Loong is Chairman) lost too much funds and are unable to produce enough cash for disbursements.