Independent poll result on Lee Hsien Loong

According to an independent poll conducted on Facebook, most Singaporeans said that they do not believe Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has no influence over the Ministerial Committee. A total of 1,124 were surveyed over 24 hours, with a single question requiring a simple yes-no answer:

“Do you believe Lee Hsien Loong is not involved with the Ministerial Committee?”

1,070 (95.2%) answered no, while 54 (4.8%) answered yes. You may view the result here.

Most Singaporeans do not believe the corrupted Prime Minister did not abuse his power to activate public resources to create the Ministerial Committee. The Ministerial Committee is popularly believed to be biased, as reflected by the comments on the independent poll.

Lee Hsien Loong formed the Committee in a single day last Saturday (June 18), when he returned from his Australia holiday. The members of the Ministerial Committee are all underling Ministers with the chairman being Lee Hsien Loong’s deputy, Teo Chee Hean. The purpose of the Committee is to table Lee Kuan Yew’s will, which is to demolish the property, and also officially prosecute the PM’s siblings, Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling, who are insistent on following their father’s will.

According to scanned legal documents by Lee Hsien Yang, Lee Hsien Loong has earlier in 2015 abused his Prime Minister powers to obtain a confidential note from government agency, National Heritage Board.

Screenshot from Lee Hsien Yang’s Facebook

The Prime Minister responded yesterday (June 19) in a video on state media CNA that he will be calling for Parliament to question him whether if there is any abuse of power. However, 83 out of 90 MPs are his ruling party PAP MPs. The remaining 7 Opposition MPs face defamation lawsuits and other potential legally corrupted laws if they even insinuate the Prime Minister is corrupt.