Photo of SPH papers from Yahoo Singapore

State propaganda media Straits Times published an anonymous survey claiming that they interviewed 100 Singaporeans and that “most Singaporeans” want the Lee family dispute to be settled privately:

“A total of 100 Singaporeans were interviewed, and 80 were of the broad view that the dispute over the late Mr Lee’s will and the fate of the original family home at 38, Oxley Road is a matter best resolved in private.”

The fake news of the poll conducted by Straits Times is written by an anonymous writer, with no name bearing on the article.

You may read the fake news article here.

Straits Times rank 151th in the world for credibility and independence. However, Law Minister K Shanmugam hail it as “real news” while every other news media is “fake news”.

This is not the first time government-controlled state media published fake news polls to promote government’s agendas.

In 2016, ChannelNewsAsia published a survey claiming most Singaporeans are racist when it comes to voting.

In Feb 2016, the Public Transport Council claimed 96.4% are more satisfied with public transport than ever in 9 years.

In March 2017, REACH claimed a majority of Singaporeans support a 30% raise in water price.

In May 2017, Blackbox Research claimed only 7% believe the mainstream media is guilty of publishing fake news.

Today (June 16), Law Minister K Shanmugam quote an anonymous survey claiming 91% of the Singaporeans want greater censorship laws to curb fake news.