Screenshot of Lee Hsien Loong from CNA

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today (June 19) issued a national broadcast through state media CNA to attack his siblings and threatened to take actions against them.

The dictator Prime Minister lied that his siblings are unhappy about him receiving an equal share of 38 Oxley Road:

“My father left a part of the property at 38 Oxley Road to me, as part of my equal share of his estate. But my siblings were not happy about it.”

The siblings are however unhappy about Lee Hsien Loong abusing his Prime Minister’s powers to disobey the will and obstruct the demolition of the house through the formation of the Ministerial Committee he created. Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling has no complaint about Lee Hsien Loong receiving an equal share.

Lee Hsien Loong also gave a half-truth claiming that he sold the house to his brother, without revealing that the brother has to pay 1.5 times the amount in total with the additional 50% donated to charity as an additional clause to make things difficult for his brother:

“I then sold the house to my brother, as a fair market valuation and donated all of my proceeds to charity. I had hoped this would satisfy them.”

Lee Wei Ling has also earlier confirmed that she believes her Prime Minister brother is bullying her younger brother by making him pay 50% more.

The dictator Prime Minister continued to lie in his video saying that he is not involved with the Ministerial Committee and also threatened to take actions against his siblings:

“I do not take part in any Government’s decision on the house. However my siblings have decided to go out and make serious allegations publicly. For example, they say that I am using my position as Prime Minister to influence the Ministerial Commitee chaired by DPM Teo Chee Hean. These allegations go beyond private and personal matters, and extend to the conduct of my office and the integrity of the Government. Much as I like to move on and end the most unhappy experience for Singaporeans, these baseless accusations against the Government cannot be left unanswered. They MUST be and WILL be dealt with openly and refuted.”

Lee Hsien Loong then said that he will use his Prime Minister powers to make a ministerial statement, and get all MPs, with 80 of 90 MPs being PAP MPs, to “question” him whether if he had abused his premiership powers. However, the likely scenario is that the neutered parliamentarians will likely take the opportunity to praise the Prime Minister, giving the dictator a fake justification to prosecute his siblings.