According to a viral post on Facebook, the newly-elected Attorney General Lucien Wong is proven a crony of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Among the astonishing findings, Lucien Wong was Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer who was involved in the ongoing dispute over Lee Kuan Yew’s estate. Lucien Wong has also zero experience handling legal affairs concerning the State, and yet he was picked to be Attorney General by puppet President Tony Tan.

Also, Lucien Wong and Law Minister K Shanmugam were former business partners. This confirmed that legal corruptions have taken place, with Lee Hsien Loong controlling the puppet president.

The worst is yet to come since the government represented by Attorney General Lucien Wong, now have the right to take legal actions against Lee Hsien Yang for opposing Lee Hsien Loong.

You may view the original post here:

“Interesting facts about Lucien Wong:
1. Lucien Wong was PM Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer and represented him during the dispute with his siblings over LKY’s estate.
2. Shortly after the dispute started, he was quickly nominated to become Attorney General (AG).
3. The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), which Lucien Wong now heads, represented the Government and successfully fended off legal challenges by LKY’s estate (see…/court-of-appeal-reserves-judg… for example)
4. Lucien Wong is the first ever AG to have no experience on the Bench, and to have never acted for the State in legal matters. He was a corporate lawyer (see…/top-corporate-lawyer-lucien-wo…)
5. Lucien Wong was appointed AG at age 63, to replace V. K. Rajah, who had to retire at age 60. When asked about Article 35(4) of the Constitution, which states that the Attorney General shall hold office until he turns 60 years old, Law Minister Shanmugam argues that the Government can arbitrarily decide to appoint someone above the age of 60. (more details at…/parliament-shanmugam-sylvia-l…)
6. Lucien Wong spent 30 years in private practice, and was chairman and senior partner at top law firm Allen & Gledhill. Shanmugam was also a senior partner at the same firm for many years before entering politics.
and Bonus Fact (not about Lucien Wong):
7. The role of ‘Deputy Attorney General’ was only recently created to reflect the “increasing volume and complexity of legal work of the Government”. Earlier this year, and for the first time ever, an ex-PAP MP, Hri Kumar was appointed the Deputy AG (…/hri-kumar-appointed-deputy-ag-…)
The more you know!”