Photo of Lee Hsien Loong and Lee Kuan Yew from Youtube

According to Prime Minister Lee’s statutory declaration, he learned about the Last Will only a month after his father’s death:

“I learnt about the contents of the Last Will only on 12 April 2015, when the Last Will was read to the family.  I saw copies of the six wills preceding the Last Will only in June 2015, when KKL provided the family with the same. Only then was I able to review and compare the terms and changes between those wills and the Last Will.”

Lee Kuan Yew hid his Last Will from Lee Hsien Loong and clearly had good reasons to pull a political trick on his own son. Throughout the 1 year between the first and the 6th will, the family was in a turbulent period of infighting with Lee Hsien Loong and wife Ho Ching ganging up against his younger siblings. The 90-year-old could not retire in peace and had to repeatedly face the pressure by his eldest son to change his original will, which is equal shares for everyone and demolish the house.

Lee Kuan Yew finally came to realise that Lee Hsien Loong would not give his 90-year-old father any rest and decided that his Last Will is to be kept a secret from Lee Hsien Loong. With Lee Hsien Loong unaware of the 7th will, the family quarrels that went for years stopped. For two years since the last will was signed on 13 Dec 2012, the will was not changed anymore and Lee Kuan Yew get to enjoy his peace before he was put under mechanical ventilation in the hospital on 15 Feb 2015.

Having his father not trusting him created a serious cognitive dissonance on Lee Hsien Loong. Lee Hsien Loong is now terribly jealous of his siblings, and started to make things difficult for them. When Lee Hsien Yang offered to buy over Lee Hsien Loong’s share of the house, Lee Hsien Loong said he has to paid double the price for it, with a half donated to charity. When Lee Wei Ling issued a press statement reminding Singaporeans not to hero-worship her father in April 2016, Lee Hsien Loong ordered censorship. Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, joined in the bullying of the sister by posting a monkey pointing its middle finger. Today in 2017, Lee Hsien Loong conveyed a “Ministerial Committee” to put his siblings under investigation and even alleged that they are both liars – all out of jealousy.

Lee Hsien Loong today remains furious at his father over the hiding of the Last Will, and his confused mental state refuse to accept reality: “Why would my father who gave me the premiership do this to me?”

This is also why Lee Hsien Loong is doing everything he can, including abusing his PM powers, and sacrificing everyone, including his own blood siblings, to invalidate the Last Will. Lee Hsien Loong need the Last Will to be invalidated to fulfil the prophecy he told himself since day one: “I am the chosen one.”