Photo of Lee Suet Fern and Lee Hsien Yang from Straits Times

According to a brief interview with a state media Straits Times reporter, Lee Hsien Yang’s wife Lee Suet Fern said that the couple are leaving Singapore soon and are in the midst of preparation. When probed further, Lee Suet Fern declined to say when is the family leaving or where are they heading to.

However, the only country that Lee Hsien Yang is likely to go is Australia. When Lee Hsien Yang was the CEO of Singtel, he bought over Australian telco Optus, and when he was a director of SGX, SGX tried to buy over the Australian stock exchange, ASX. The current chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore is also rumoured to own a lavish property in Sydney.

According to Lee Hsien Yang’s interview with the Financial Times, he said:

“I am not an anti-establishment, opposition figure. I have a long record of public service. It is heart wrenching for me to leave this country. It is not something I would do lightly.”

In his open letter he co-penned with sister Lee Wei Ling today (June 13), Lee Hsien Yang said that the government is putting him on surveillance.

If Lee Hsien Yang remain in Singapore, his dictator brother will likely abuse the Sedition Act to put him in jail or use the defamation lawsuit to sue his brother into bankruptcy. Lee Hsien Loong will return from his holiday in Australia this weekend and has vowed to “consider the matter further” when he is back.