Photo of Singapore football national team from Straits Times

Singapore football national team lost to Taiwan 1-2 yesterday (June 10) at the Jalan Besar statdium. Like the Singapore mainstream media, Singapore football is one of the worst in the world with a FIFA ranking of 157th. The loss last night will likely cause Singapore to tumble further because the Taiwan team is ranked 160th.

The Singapore national team has been laden with corruption investigations at the management level in the football association FAS, and its team manager is now under investigation for misconduct.

Singapore National football team manager under investigation
Singapore government launch corruption probe on FAS’s opposing camp

The newly-elected FAS management have yet to implement any new changes, and remains preoccupied with sponsors funding. For over two decades, the FAS blames the lack of local interests in the local leagues and the lack of funding as primary excuses for poor performance.