Photo of bicycle parking bay outside Admiralty MRT station from Todayonline

A Bangladeshi national was arrested by the Singapore police officers after he left his luggage unattended at the bicycle bay outside Admiralty MRT station this morning (June 8). According to the police, the Bangladeshi national went to a nearby convenience store to make a purchase and left his luggage outside the train station.

A police report was lodged by a member of the public at 8.45am, and the police officers who arrived viewed CCTV footage at the train station to find the owner of the luggage. However, it is unknown why the Bangladeshi national was arrested after the police searched the luggage, containing only clothes, toiletries and medication.

According to the First Schedule of the Criminal Procedure Code, leaving luggage unattended should not be an arrestable offence if the culprit did not present any immediate threat.

This is the second dubious arrest made by the Singapore Police, after another arrest incident where a China national foreign worker also left his luggage at Hougang station to make a purchase at Chinatown. The China national was cleared of threats but was handcuffed due to media coverage.

China foreign worker left luggage in Hougang station to buy bread in Chinatown

The Singapore Police’s reputation has been on the decline since 2013’s Little India riot incident where police officers were video-ed running away from rioters. It’s reputation sank further following political crackdowns on dissenters by orders from dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Law Minister K Shanmugam.