Photo of fallen HDB lift ceiling from Facebook

A ceiling of a HDB lift at Sengkang East Way Blk 325A collapsed upon a 10-year-old girl yesterday (June 7) when the lift stopped at the fourth floor. Half of the ceiling’s lighting cover fell on her left ankle causing a severe cut with blood bleeding profusely at the scene. The girl was later admitted the KK Women’s and Children’s hospital and received 5 stitches.

Town council-in-charge, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Ang Mo Kio GRC, said that they believe the lighting cover was not securely closed:

“We are conducting a thorough check and working with the Building and Construction Authority to ascertain the root cause of the mishap. We had visited the child and her family in the evening to check on the status of her condition and injury and will render assistance where necessary…We will also conduct checks on other lifts to ensure that all light diffusers are properly secured.”

There is no mention of compensation.

In recent years, there has been an increased of HDB lift incidents causing severe injuries like a severed hand and even death to residents living in HDB buildings under the ruling party PAP Town Councils. In all of the cases, there has been no compensation by the government town council.

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