Photo showing train fault instead of system checks on Jun 2

For the second day in a row, trains running along the North-South Line (NSL) are facing more than 30 minutes of delay today (Jun 2). As if the news is bad enough, public transport operator SMRT again published a fake news calling the train breakdown “system checks”:

“Due to new signalling system checks, pls add 15mins travel time between Marina South Pier & Jurong East both bounds. We are sorry.”

Over on site, the station monitor screen displays indicated “Singalling Fault”, instead of “system checks” as SMRT claimed.

There was no prior notification that a system test would happen during the peak hour today.

There is no response from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), and the Singapore Police is also not taking action against the dissemination of disinformation by SMRT.

SMRT issue fake news: No breakdowns, just 30min-long “signalling checks”

This is the fourth breakdown incident following the LTA’s earlier fake news claiming rail reliability increased “two-fold” on May 24.