Photo of Lui Tuck Yew

Former Chief of Navy and former Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has resigned from his independent director position in listed construction and property company, Chip Eng Seng Corporation. The failed Transport Minister messed up the Transport Ministry with multiple fare hikes and worsening train service in the 4 years he was in office.

As the state of public transport under his charge worsens, Rear-Admiral Lui Tuck Yew resigned in August 2015 and joined the private sector a year later in June 2016. Unfortunately in less than a year, the former Chief of Navy resigned and now is given an envoy position to be stationed in Japan.

It is unknown why Lui Tuck Yew is selected to be the Singapore ambassador for a major ally like Japan, when he is not known to be eloquent nor diplomatic as proven from the chaos he created in the Transport Ministry. Although Lui Tuck Yew had a short one-year stint as the Second Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he does not speak Japanese nor hold any prior experience dealing with Japan. The only explanation behind his appointment is cronyism.

Cronyism and legalised corruption is deeply rooted in Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong dictator regime. Several army generals and military officers were appointed major government positions without any prior experience. However, the Prime Minister insist on having these military personnel because they are willing to obey orders without questions. Lee Hsien Loong is also forgiving of any losses and always divert high-paying positions for his cronies.

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