Photo of Chen Shu Chen (left), Hong Hui Fang, Liu Qian Yi and Zhu Hou Ren from Lianhe Zaobao

After hearing news of the termination of veteran actress Jin Yin Ji’s contract, other veteran elderly actors rallied to speak up against Singapore’s only broadcasting station Mediacorp condemning the corporation.

Veteran stage MCs, actors and actress – 65-year-old Liu Qian Yi, 62-year-old Zhu Hou Ren, 68-year-old Chen Shu Chen and 57-year-old Hong Hui Fang – expressed their disapproval and anger over how Mediacorp handled Jin Yin Ji’s contract.

Liu Qian Yi said: “Part-time actors can never replace a professional actor. Jin Jie (a Chinese address for elder sister) is healthy, competent and she loves acting. Since the salaries is not that high, why can’t the company continue her contract?”

Zhu Hou Ren said: “An actor is a television station’s branding, image and poster. Jin Jie’s capabilities is recognised by all Singaporeans. Why would any viewer want to watch an incapable new face actress? How ridiculous.”

Chen Shu Chen said: “The ball is not in our court. If the company finds me useless, lacking in commercial value or if I’m unhealthy, I will retire on my own.”

Hong Hui Fang said: “It depends on the situation. If you slash my salaries but you remain since, I may still consider. However when you insulted someone, I don’t see there is any need for further discussion.”

According to an earlier media interview with Jin Yin Ji, the veteran actress was told by Mediacorp that they can always hire a part-time actress to replace her. The veteran actress took offense with the comment and even burst out in tears when recounting the story to the reporter.

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