Singapore national team from the Football Association of Singapore

Following the high profile arrest of the former Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and former PAP MP Zainudin Noordin, Singapore’s football is hit with another scandal with the manager of the national football team, Farehan Hussein, now under investigation for multiple counts of indiscipline.

According to state media Straits Times, Farehan Hussein was named in a formal complaint lodged to the government’s sports agency, SportSG. The complaint wrote that Farehan Hussein was involved in multiple misconducts while the Singapore national football team was overseas on international matches. Straits Times covered up the details of the misconducts.

This is not the first time the Singapore national football team has been embroiled in “misconducts”. In 2011, the entire national team was fired following undisclosed “misconducts”. The country’s state of national football has been a bottom scrapper since a member of the ruling party government took over management of the Football Association (FAS). Like the government-controlled media (ranked 151th), Singapore’s national football team ranking is 159th internationally. In their last 13 international matches in 2016, the Singapore team has only won 3 matches.