Photo of Tony Tan from CNA

The Singapore’s High Commissioner for Malaysia has bitten back at Malaysia’s mainstream paper, Utusan Malaysia for their comments on the new changes to reserving the next Presidential Election for Malays. Calling the article titled “Presiden Melayu Ke-2?”, the Singapore envoy accused the Malaysia’s mainstream paper founded by Singapore first President Yusof Ishak of making “baseless and mischievous allegations”.

On Sunday (May 28), Utusan Malaysia noted in their article that the Singapore PAP government discriminates against the Malay race under the name of Meritocracy and that Singapore’s brand of “Meritocracy” is open to manipulation.

The Singapore’s High Commissioner, Vanu Gopala Menon, protested vigorously against the article and poured praises for the Singapore government in defence:

“I wish to set the record straight. Singapore’s meritocratic system has never been ‘manipulated’ or ‘used as an excuse to discriminate’ against Singapore’s Malay community, or any other community. Meritocracy is a key pillar of Singapore’s system of governance. Our citizens have access to equal opportunities, regardless of race, language, or religion, and our policies are tailored to that end. Singapore’s Malay community has made significant social and economic progress over the past five decades, not because of privileges, but because of the community’s efforts in a fair and just society. Malay students have also excelled and topped national examinations.”

However, there is no explanation why the Singapore Prime Minister position has always been Chinese and that two of the Singapore PMs are father and son in blood relationship. There is also no mention of a Muslim ban in vital military units.

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According to PM Lee Hsien Loong and his government, the upcoming Presidential Election has been reserved for Malay because Singaporeans are racist. The Singapore PAP government said they do not believe that a Malay candidate will be assessed freely when compared with others based on race. A majority of the Singaporeans in fact believe the PAP move is racist but most do not voice out, out of fear from the dictator regime. Some Malay Singaporeans have voiced out against the move calling it an insult to the Malay community for being unable to win an election without government assistance.