Photo of Lee Hsien Loong with E W Barker's wife from Straits Times

Speaking at the launch of a new law education institute at National University of Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong praised his own government and judiciary system claiming that Singapore’s law is admired all over the world:

“To maintain its competitive edge, Singapore needs to keep its law and lawyers up to date. It has so far distinguished itself from rivals because its legal system is respected and admired at home and abroad.”

The new law education institute is named after the first Law Minister, E W Barker, as part of the propaganda effort to immortalise the ruling party PAP’s political influence in Singapore. Many education institutes and education awards have been named after several former PAP members and cronies like Lee Kuan Yew and S R Nathan, including a MOE award under Lee Hsien Loong’s name.

Like its mainstream media and police, Singapore’s judiciary system is notorious for legalised corruption practice where the ruling party PAP government has heavy influence on judiciary outcome and process. Members of the ruling party, including all 3 Prime Ministers of Singapore, have won defamation lawsuits against their critics without a trial in Singapore courts. In recent legalised corrupted cases, PM Lee Hsien Loong won a claim of S$150,000 in damages against an online blogger for criticising him over his role in the country’s retirement CPF funds. Other government critics were also jailed for “propagating fake news” and insulting his deceased father.