Photo of MINDEF letter from Facebook

Due to the increasing cases of Singapore-born males who are based in overseas and resisting conscription, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) now sends an enlistment letter to all male newborn babies so “parents cannot claim ignorance as an excuse”.

However, there are still legal loopholes that Mindef did not include in their letter: one can still renounce his citizenship without serving NS. There is two way:

1) Obtain citizenship before the age of 11 and write to Mindef confirming that the child will renounce citizenship
2) Stay out of Singapore forever, not even stopping for a flight transfer at Changi international airport

Most of Singapore laws including the Sedition Act, Newspaper Act and Conscription Act do not apply overseas. Hence it may be illegal to create a Singapore news website or avoid NS in Singapore, overseas authorities do not recognise the oppressive Singapore laws and no international warrant will be issued.

More than 213,400 Singaporeans reside overseas, and many more are leaving the country due to worsening state of governance by the dictator regime. Many overseas Singaporeans register citizenship for only female births and not doing so for male births because of conscription.

24% jump in registered Singaporeans emigration over 9 years

As a result of Singapore’s conscription policy, the birth rate has been the lowest in the world for over a decade and as of 2016 at 1.20.

In the 2 year National Service conscription, Singaporean males learn how to be obedient and subservient to the Singapore ruling party PAP government. Conscripts are indoctrinated with propaganda beliefs and patriotism, vowing to protect the government at all costs. Following the end of the 2 year conscription service, Singaporean conscripts will still have to serve a yearly in-camp training (ICT) reservist duty for 10 years, disrupting employment and education opportunities and putting them at an disadvantage when competing with foreigners.