Photo of crowd during train breakdown from Twitter

In an open admission that the new signalling system is still filled with glitches and not ready for full operations, SMRT issued a media statement today (May 26) saying that passengers should “plan for extra travelling time”:

“During the weekday system checks, the new signalling system may continue to encounter some glitches as it settles in to full-load operations. Commuters on the NSL could experience instances of train and platform doors not opening or closing promptly, trains held at stations slightly longer than usual, or trains stopping momentarily between stations. In earlier trials which took place during the last hour of passenger service, and during Sunday trials, the safety system stopped trains momentarily so that engineering staff could address signal glitches. While we look forward to operating trains on the new signalling system, the all-day performance checks are part and parcel of working out teething issues that may arise when a new signalling system is introduced to a train network.”

You may read SMRT’s press release here

SMRT also tried to play down the service disruptions saying that they are not “safety critical” and that they will deploy manpower to handle the crowd should there be a disruption:

“Such situations are not safety critical and SMRT, LTA and Thales will have more engineers on standby to respond quickly to situations that may arise. More station staff will also be on hand to assist commuters… We continue to ask for commuters’ patience and cooperation as we work round the clock to settle the system in as quickly as possible.”

It is unknown why SMRT is using a system not fully commissioned, and worsening the actual state of train disruptions with known glitches. Despite worsening service reliability, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan signaled that the Public Transport Council (PTC) will start raising fares. However, the Singapore government is putting in propaganda effort and publishing fake news saying that train service reliability has instead improved.