Photo from Straits Times Feline Lim

Facing increasing resistance among today’s youth against conscription, Singapore Navy ramp up on propaganda effort on preschool children with several military-themed children books. The “Ahoy, Navy!” series books will be taught as official education materials for children between aged 4 and 5 attending PAP Community Foundation Sparkletots Preschool kindergartens.

Indoctrinating young children with government propaganda is common in Singapore. Earlier in March last year, PAP preschools started using Lee Kuan Yew-themed children books as education material glorifying the former Prime Minister.

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The Singapore Navy also said that they are sending uniformed personnel to public libraries in Tampines and Bishan to read aloud some of the propaganda material, written by the Navy, to children.

Singapore’s education system is heavily influenced with propaganda material, that paints the ruling party government only in positive lights. Secondary school students are taught half-truths about Singapore’s formative years and the present challenges, with state propaganda newspapers like Straits Times referenced as “reliable sources” while independent media are demonised as fake news.