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A former National Serviceman of the Year from a commando unit and elite graduate from the Singapore Management University (SMU) has been excused jail sentence for cheating offences. 27-year-old Goh Bing Kun, now a management trainee, was sentenced to only 220 hours of community service and short detention orders of 14 days, after he made several purchases on a credit card his friend found.

According to court hearing, Goh Bing Kun and his friend, J Xander Roslan, 28, found a credit card at a popular local club, Zouk on 24 Jan 2015. The duo used the card to pay for their drinks at the club and on the next day, used to the credit card to go on a shopping spree including buying two iPhones from a store at Bencoolen Street. The total amount spent was S$3,945.95.

The SMU economics graduate was arrested two weeks later following a police report made by the victim over unauthorised transactions made on his credit card. Goh Bing Kun made a full restitution to the victim some 5 months later in July 2015.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Bryan Leow called for the court to impose a 3-month jail sentence for the credit card cheat, however, the Singapore judge said that he is worried such “a long period would jeopardise his career and prospects”:

“Community-based sentences can achieve an even stronger deterrent effect with a short period of incarceration, while not extend to such a long period as to jeopardise the accused’s career and future prospects. Goh had voluntarily sought counselling and taken ownership of his mistakes, and he accepted that Goh was significantly remorseful.”

The Deputy Public Prosecutor confirmed that they are appealing the sentence to see that a 3-month jail sentence is passed.