Photo of motorcyclists stuck at Singapore-Johor Causeway from Facebook

Singapore’s Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) today (May 18) said in their press statement that a “technical glitch” is to be blamed for a 12-hour-long disruption between Tuesday (May 16) 5.40pm and Wednesday (May 17) 5.30am at the two Singapore customs towards Malaysia Johor. The authority denied that their system was breached or if there was any cyber attack. There is however no further detail behind the “technical glitch”.

The computer system glitch resulted in lagging responses and doubled the time of custom clearance process at both Woodlands and Tuas custom gateway. On a typical day, a motorcyclist would take about 1½ hours to clear the 1-km-long Singapore-Johor Causeway. A Malaysian motorcyclist interviewed by the media said that the queue took 3 hours instead on the day.

The two cross-border checkpoints are profitable machinery for both governments. Each day an estimated S$10 million is collected in road taxes of numerous forms from the Vehicle Entry Permit to the latest reciprocal road charge implemented in February this year. Toll charges excluding Singapore’s notorious Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) cost S$48.90 per vehicle. Nonetheless, many Malaysians residing in Johor prefer to work in Singapore due to the exchange rate being three times higher, and rental of Johor properties costing only half that of those in Singapore’s border towns, Woodlands and Tuas.

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