Photo of baby from Straits Times

According to a report by State Coroner Marvin Bay, a new mother who jumped to her death clutching her two-month old baby committed suicide due to work stress. State Coroner Marvin Bay made a rare call for the government to support Singaporeans with the cost of living and work-life balance:

“It would be ideal for the workplace to acknowledge the needs of working mothers with new babies, and take steps to ameliorate the additional stress imposed on them by providing better work-life balance, flexible working conditions and affordable, quality childcare.”

In his report released on Tuesday (9 May 2017), the state coroner found that the deceased mother google searched “what to do when there is no way out” five days before she committed suicide with her baby. Koh Suan Ping, 29, and two-month-old daughter Jaelyn Ng, died after the mother jumped from her 12th floor HDB unit in Bukit Batok on 23 Nov 2016.

The coroner’s report also revealed that statements by her husband and colleagues, Koh Suan Ping was stressed at not being able to produce enough breast milk for her baby and work where she was sales manager. The state coroner rounded up his report calling for more help for young Singaporean families to prevent a repeat of the tragedy.

The cost of living in Singapore is the most expensive in the world and Singaporeans clock the most number of working hours in the world.

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