Screenshot of Lim Tean from video

Speaking at a public forum on Minimum Wage, Opposition leader Lim Tean said that Singaporeans should not let Ministers who earn S$4,000 a day tell them that they can’t afford a S$1,000 a month Minimum Wage for Singaporeans.

The eloquent National Solidarity Party (NSP) secretary general made his case for the Minimum Wage quoting former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt that no companies that could not afford a living wage should be allowed to operate in Singapore.

Below is a video and transcript by States Times Review:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very priviledged today to be able to join you in this event. To demand priority for Singaporeans for Singapore jobs and I echo the sentiments of Mr Tan Kin Lian who said earlier that we must not be the silent crowd. We are all here today because we recognise there is a problem with our economy. That Singaporeans are not given priority in jobs and that has caused great hardship and it is up to us as a citizen of Singapore. to advocate for change and to call on the government to give the Singaporean that priority.

Now it is very clear to me that since 2004, when the PAP govt opened the floodgates to irrational immigration and the influx of foreign labour the situation of the Singapore worker has deteriorated immeasurably. That Singapore worker now today is in constant trepidation of losing his job to a cheaper foreign workers. And this government gives him no assurance and no protection.

In 2015, 98% of total employment went to foreign workers. Only about 700 jobs – less than 2% of the total – were jobs for the Singaporean worker. Now when that Singaporean worker loses his job, what our ministers don’t see is the despair in the face of the Singaporean worker. Knowing that he will not be able to provide the same standard of living for his family anymore. Wondering how he is going to pay his bill, his mortgage which comes mainly from the CPF in Singapore as we know.

We are the only advanced country in the world where there is no government protection at all for that Singaporean worker. And the PAP Ministers tell us: “don’t adopt a populist approach. Don’t be like the Trump, don’t be like Brexit.” At the end of the day, this is no xenophobia, this is not even populism. It comes back to a word which all of us can understand, it is called “Community”. We are the Singapore community.

In the 80’s, you know the PAP government went on this nation building programme, they crafted beautiful songs. “One Singapore”, which they played at National Day Parades. Every Singapore man 18 and above has to bear arms for his country, and this past week…”

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