Photo of ang moh from Lianhe Wanbao

A 33-year-old drunk ang moh was arrested for punching a taxi driver after he refused to pay for the taxi fare. The incident took place yesterday (Apr 26) morning at Queen’s Street. The unnamed ang moh flagged a cab at 313 Somerset and was visibly drunk when he boarded the cab.

When asked for a destination, the ang moh said “you just drive, I want to sleep”. After several times of failing to get a response, taxi driver Wang Hanwen, 54, told the ang moh to alight on the street near the Singapore Art Museum. The ang moh left the taxi without paying the fares. When the taxi driver tried to confront him, the ang moh in his drunken stupor tried to punch him and walked into a nearby hotel, Hotel Royal at Queens Street. The hotel manager rejected the ang moh as he was not a guest at the hotel and the latter walked out of the hotel.

Taxi driver Wang Hanwen then called for two taxi drivers in the vicinity to restrain the ang moh from running away. One of them was punched several times in the face and three other drivers – a total of six – finally restrained him before the police came and took him away.

Drunkards fighting in the central vicinity of pubs and bars is a common scene in Singapore and most reported cases are committed by ang mohs.

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