Photo of Zainudin Nordin from youtube

Following a States Times Review report proving that ex-PAP MP Zainudin Nordin has lied to the media, the Singapore police confirmed that he has been arrested and are currently out on bail yesterday (Apr 25).

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The former PAP MP has claimed that he has already resigned from his Football Association Singapore (FAS)’s President post when he took up the “adviser” position at the donor’s company (ESW Manage). However, the owner of ESW Manage, Bill Ng, said that the former PAP MP was the one who  asked for a S$500,000 donation to FAS.

It is understood that the S$500,000 donation could be a condition for Zainudin Nordin to resign his FAS’s position and join the company. Deleted webpages of ESW Manage however shows that Zainudin Nordin was both FAS President and ESW Manage’s director (as compared to the “adviser” position he claimed.

Bill Ng, his wife and FAS’s general secretary Winston Lee have also been arrested and are currently out on bail.

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