Photo of Desmond Kuek from Facebook video

Former army general and SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek today (Apr 24) told state propaganda media Straits Times that train reliability has improved and that the trains are going “best class in the world”:

“The reliability of the North-South (NSL) and Circle MRT Lines (CCL) has seen a marked improvement in the year up to Q1, while the East-West Line (EWL) has maintained its current level of performance. While these results are encouraging, we have still some way to go to be the best class in the world.”

The propaganda fake news carried by Straits Times wrote that the NSL and EWL are the “oldest” MRT lines in Singapore history and have been running for 30 years, and then stated that NSL has a Mean Kilometre Between Failure (MKBF) of 180,000 train-km before a delay last more than 5 mins in “the year ending Q1”, “bettering than the year ending Q4 2016”. The EWL “maintained” its worst-ever train standards of 145,000 train-km. Taipei Metro has a MKBF of 800,000 train-km.

SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek then boast that MRT and LRT network will achieve more than 300,000 train-km in MKBF – twice the standards it is having today. Unfortunately, there are only 7 months left in 2017 and train breakdowns and delays are still occurring as frequently as 4 times in a week.

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Former army general Desmond Kuek has earlier sought to sell SMRT Taxis operations to competitor Grab because he is unable to handle new developments in the taxi industry.