Photo of DSO building from street directory

According to propaganda state media TodayOnline, the Singapore government’s Defence Science Organisation (DSO) has developed a computer program with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect fake news. The DSO National Laboratories claimed that their program can detect fake news using “crowd sourcing, content analysis and source profiling”. “Source profiling”, in essence, is to create a black list of websites that determine whatever content produced by the black list equates to fake news.

State media TodayOnline fictitiously claimed that verification of fake news requires “typically 5 days”, and boasted that the government can now do it within 2 hours with the new program.

Government defence science researcher Serene Yeo, 25, said that she believes fake news is circulating in Singapore but did not specify which website. The government researcher subscribed to Law Minister K Shanmugam’s logic claiming fake news are fabricated to harm Singapore:

“Fake news can weaken a country if everybody really believes in it.”

The DSO is however unable to explain in details the methodology of determining fake news and what actions would be taken should their AI program flagged a news as fake. The Singapore government is currently flagging fake news manually, with news content criticising the ruling party PAP government labelled as fake. States Times Review is one of the three websites flagged by Law Minister K Shanmugam as a fake news peddler, based overseas to harm Singapore society.