Photo of Singapore MBS from AFP

According to a regional employment survey of 7 countries conducted by Jobstreet, promotions in Singapore are unmeritocratic, take the longest time and offer the lowest pay raise. The survey found that “fairness of promotion” is rated poorly at 2.64 out of 7 and that “fairness of promotion outcomes” is at 3.23 out of 7.

Promotions in Singapore take about 4 years, which is 1 year longer than the average in the region. Pay raise upon promotion is also the lowest at 14%, compared to 16% to 24% in the region.

The survey also found that extra responsibilities that come with a promotion do not translate into added value for careers, and that promotion decisions lies with top management over direct managers.

10,400 employees and 520 employers from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam were involved in the survey.