Photo of Supreme Court from Supreme Court

A 35-year-old Indonesian maid was sentenced to 4 weeks’ jail yesterday (Apr 20) for fabricating assault accusations claiming her 83-year-old employer hit her on five occasions. According to court hearing, the 83-yo lady, Lim Chin Ai, known as Ah Ma, is so physically weak that she has difficulty moving around without her walking aid.

On 4 Nov 2016, the maid, Susilawati Narsim Sunah, made her way to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) center at Bendemeer Road filing a report saying that Ah Ma abused her. A police report was lodged on the next day (5 Nov 2016) at the Ang Mo Kio Police Division headquarters, where she claimed that Ah Ma hit her five times – from slapping to hitting her with her walking cane – between Apr 20 and Nov 4.

The Attorney General Chambers (AGC) hauled the maid up for investigations over 10 weeks and on 13 Jan 2017, Susilawati confessed that she fabricated the accusations so she could return to Indonesia.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) said in court:

“The accused admitted that Ah Ma never abused her during the period of employment. She concocted the lies because she wanted to return home to Indonesia. She had not received a reply from her employer at that point, and decided to take matters into her own hands by raising the false allegations.”

During the trial of the maid, she was unrepresented by a lawyer, and the court did not see to it that she gets one under the Legal Aid scheme. The maid was sentenced to 4 weeks’ jail.