Photo of Woodleigh station incident from Robin Choo Todayonline

In the security response to white baking flour being found outside Woodleigh station, a running enthusiast club left the flour in several spots at the station as marking trail for a running event. 3 members of the running club were called for investigation and one of them aged 69 was arrested. The three’s identity were not revealed by the police.

According to a member of the running club, Harish Pillay, the club hold runs at 6pm every Tuesday and uses flour, toilet paper, chalk or shredded paper to mark their running route. In an interview with media reporters, they have been doing so for decades and it is implied that the white powder have been left at Woodleigh station several times before.

The white flour was found by the station cleaner yesterday (Apr 18) at around 1pm, who told her station manager that she did not remember seeing any white powder at the spots when she swept the floor at 7am.

Actual Police measures lacking

The Singapore Police went out in full force with four police vehicles, one fire engine and a hazardous material (HazMat) response vehicle. However, according to media reports, there is no ambulance spotted on site to render assistance to potential victims should the powder was an actual biochemical weapon. It is also not reported whether if the cleaner or any station staffs were checked for signs of infection, e.g. blisters, ulcers, difficulty in breathing, fever from contact with anthrax. The containment time or the time taken to shut down the station was some half an hour later from the time of report, is considered slow in real emergencies.