Photo of arranged photoshoot of Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan on crowded train on Oct 19 by ASS

UPDATE: SMRT cleared the NSL fault 5 hours after at 12.40pm, EWL fault was resolved only 2 hours later at around 11am.

UPDATE: SMRT unable to resolve the issue and has extended the delay estimation to 20 mins for the North-South Line. Another disruption happened on the East-West Line (EWL) between Paya Lebar and Simei at 8.35 am, no further update given. To see failures from SMRT in real-time, please click here.

Barely 2 days after 57 new trains started running on the North-South Line (NSL), SMRT saw a train disruption this morning from 7.20am. According to SMRT’s Twitter, a track fault at Khatib station occurred an train delays amounting to 15 minutes were advised for NSL stations between Bishan and Khatib. As of press time, the disruption is still not resolved.

Since 2015, the SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been promising faster train rides for the NSL. Just last week, SMRT boasted that a new signalling system is in place and train intervals have been shortened from 120s to 100s. LTA joined in the boasting saying that peak hour capacity could be improved by up to 20%.

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan is unavailable for comments over train disruption issues since May 2016, where he last urged SMRT to copy Taipei’s train system. Earlier in April, Minister Khaw Boon Wan was just celebrating “200 days of disruption-free service” on the NSL despite numerous reports of train breakdowns in his calculations.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) has signaled their intention to raise train fares, with the PTC chairman Richard Magnus claiming train service performance increasing two-fold. The PTC will announce the amount of price hike in May.