Photo of Sitoh Yih Pin from video screenshot

In his zest to score political points and grab media attention over the closure of Woodleigh MRT station due to a security incident, PAP MP for Potong Pasir, Sitoh Yin Pin, started telling state media reporters how he and his PAP grassroots leaders “helped” residents by “ferrying them with umbrellas”.

Transcript by States Times Review:

“Oh as I was in the constituency…as I am most of the time…and my constituency director informed me the MRT station has been cordoned off and closed…and thats why I came down. I came down for a few reasons…eh to get a better understanding of the situation. And also because the covered linkway has been closed. There are some of our residents who are getting off this bus stop, so to the extent that we can, my volunteers are helping them to get to their house…because there are a few apartments there. so we try to lend them our umbrellas and try to guide them.”

The wayang happened this afternoon with several state media reporters taking turns to interview the PAP MP.

According to the Singapore Police, white powder were found scattered in several places of the MRT platform at Woodleigh station. The Police shut the station and took more than 3 hours to determine that the white powder were just baking flour.

A 69 year old man has been arrested, according to the police, but his identity was not revealed. This is the second false flag incident SMRT had. Last month, a 39 year old China national construction worker left his luggage at Hougang station out of convenience to make a purchase at Chinatown station. His act sparked a bomb scare which led to the station being shut down for several hours.