Photo of Mother of All Bombs by Haaretz

Yesterday on Easter Day (Apr 14), the United States (US) government committed a grievous war crime by dropping a weapon of mass destruction in Afghanistan – in similar despicable fashion to the terrorists it condemn: without warning, politically-motivated and an act to strike fear.

The US government attempted to play down the act by pointing out that it is “non-nuclear” and followed up with an unverified report that it killed over 36 unnamed terrorist targets with no mention of unintended collateral victims. However, it brought out more questions that destabilized the US’s moral position in this supposedly war against terrorist extremists:

1) Why the emphasis on “non-nuclear”? To prove that US is capable of mass destruction (131 metres in area of effect) without going nuclear? Oh and what a sexy name you have there “Mother of all bombs” (MOAB).
2) Isn’t bombing in another country an act of war? Dropping the MOAB is not an extremist act so long its committed by the US?
3) Why is the world quiet about this? It is disquieting to know that US allies are awfully muted, are they allies or colonies?
4) Does the US really think they hold so much credibility and political capital that the world will believe everything their “official report” says? Did they send someone to do a body count on site?
5) What is going to be the response from the Middle East having seen the bombing happening right before their very eyes?

All being said, I am not going to criticize Donald Trump. The madman of a president has become an antibiotic-resistant pathogen – he is now immune to media criticisms. But if human nature dictates that somebody must take responsibility – I would point it to US citizens for being fearful.

Hollywood plays a good stream of films about sacrifices and patriotism, but unfortunately none of those values rub off Americans. Protestors need to step up their game because the incumbents don’t care if you disrupt their businesses for a day. The resistance to the Trump administration, whoever there are in the country and not left for Canada, needs to start thinking of adopting a MOAB of their own.