Photo of Sunil Sudheesan from Straits Times

In his open letter to state media Straits Times titled “Outrageous to say that Amos Yee was persecuted”, the President of the Association of Criminal Lawyers Singapore (ACLS) spoke on behalf of Singaporeans claiming every one support the punishments of Amos Yee and that he was not persecuted for his political belief:

“When antisocial miscreants share their views with a view to incite hate, we fully back the efforts of the Attorney-General’s Chambers to prosecute and hopefully rehabilitate such individuals.”

Criminal lawyer Sunil Sudheesan defended the Singapore government slamming the US judge who granted Amos asylum, saying the judgment concluding Amos being persecuted was “baseless and unwarranted”.

The criminal lawyer continued to accuse Amos Yee of making hate speech and even claimed that Singaporeans reject Amos Yee’s beliefs. Sunil Sudheesan then ended his vitriol-filled letter with salt:

“Hate is hate, however you cloak it, and we firmly believe that Singaporeans reject the politics of hate. If America wants this misguided recalcitrant, it can have him. But if Mr Yee wants to live in Singapore, all he has to do is abandon his hate or simply keep it to himself.”

You may read the letter on propaganda state media here