Screenshot from BBC

In an announcement to copy Britain’s education system on introducing coding for school children, Minister for Communication and Information (MCI) Yaacob Ibrahim bragged that his ruling party government is going to create Steve Jobs:

“Who knows, one day we may be nurturing Singapore’s own generation of Steve Jobs. To achieve this, Singaporeans need a curious mind and passion to tinker and create things.”

The propaganda ministry in-charge of censorship board, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), also announced that they will edit education syllabus along with the Ministry of Education to ensure Singapore school children subscribe to the government’s agenda.

MCI Minister Yaacob Ibrahim also called for Singaporeans to raise their “digital literacy” to differentiate false news from facts:

“Digital literacy must be raised to differentiate fake news from facts, and combat cyber-attacks and online scams. His ministry is working with Singapore’s Media Literacy Council to call for ideas from young Singaporeans on ways to promote digital literacy in the community.”