Photo of PAP MP Edwin Tong with Kong Hee

City Harvest Church Pastor Kong Hee misappropriated S$50 million of church donations to fund his wife’s failed singing career and his lavish lifestyle. With the money he bought a condominium in Sentosa Cove, drive a Mercedez Benz CLK550 and paid millions in marketing to create a facade of his wife’s doomed singing talent.

Kong Hee cheated, stole, enjoyed his spoils and even when caught, he refused to plead guilty and now receives a generous discount off his punishment. 3½ year jail sentence for stealing S$50 million is tantamount to walking out a free man. The Singapore judges should be fired for their incompetency to manifest their decades of judiciary knowledge to deliver justice.

When we have petty thieves getting lengthier sentences for stealing funds a fraction of a cool S$50 mil, we can finally conclude that the Singapore legal system is inadequate – regardless what the propaganda state media would like us to believe.

A question now hit home: how many cases of miscarriage of justice like this one happened before? Or, more importantly, would the Singapore Court let off another rich villain due to legal technicalities and punish a poor man more than what he deserved because he did not have a PAP MP as a lawyer?

Such questions challenge established notions and the establishment delivering the sentences. Many people would believe Law Minister K Shanmugam that States Times Review disseminate fake news a few days before, but today, not anymore. Besides, where is that tough talking Senior Counsel Law Minister walking around with his legal pistols by his hips? Is he going to make Kong Hee feel the pain like he promised for States Times Review? What a clown.

Also, one can’t help but point out the presence of a PAP MP acting as the defense lawyer for Kong Hee. Right before trial began, the Singapore Court had already scandalized itself allowing the PAP MP to represent Kong Hee. Given the Singapore Court’s notorious record of awarding defamation lawsuits in favour of the ruling party, the learned judge did not have the wisdom to think about the aftermath. In this instance, who can fault Singaporeans for saying Kong Hee received a lighter sentence just because his lawyer is a PAP MP? A reasonable deduction after all. The scene played out yesterday reminds us of the old China imperialist dramas where a rich villain with powerful connections was given immunity for rape and murders. Perhaps the Singapore Court should have set up a reserved seat next to the judge for the PAP MP after all.

Kong Hee’s case is a landmark one: it just poignantly reminds me that the Singapore Court will have no qualms passing a 30 year jail sentence for me writing fake news and Singaporeans can do no shit about it.

States Times Review Editor
Alex Tan Zhixiang