Photo of Wang Jian Po from TodayOnline

The Singapore police took full anti-terror measures on Sunday (April 2nd) after finding an unattended luggage at the platform of Hougang station. The incident shut down the station for a few hours and was flagged as a false alarm after they found the luggage only had household equipment and a few kitchenware. A man was shortly arrested after he tried to claim the luggage.

According to the Chinese papers, the owner of the luggage is a 39-year-old construction worker from China, Wang Jian Po. On the day he was supposed to relocate from a foreign worker dormitory in Hougang to a new one in Punggol. However, he wanted to buy bread and some kitchenware in Chinatown, which is along the North-East train line. Noticing that the Hougang station was not crowded at the time on Sunday, he left the luggage containing his belongings at the Hougang station platform thinking nobody would take away the crap in his luggage.

Wang Jian Po then made his way to Chinatown to buy some bread and came back a couple of hours later to find the Hougang station locked up. He made his way from an adjacent station and tried to retrieve his luggage from the police, and from there he was arrested. Various media photos of Wang Jian Po showed him smiling embarrassingly and holding a red plastic bag believed to be his bread and kitchenware he brought from Chinatown.

Wang Jian Po has since been released on bail.

Following police investigations, the CCTV cameras revealed that Wang Jian Po has indeed went to a low-cost shop in Chinatown to buy kitchenware. The Singapore police did not comment if they are going to press charges.