Dear Law Minister,

When I read the good news on Straits Times of you vowing to “review” laws because my website is “harming innocent Singaporeans with fake news”, you have simply brought confirmation to my long-time suspicion: Singapore is indeed North Korea.

What laws are you reviewing? You are simply writing laws to suit your political agenda you bloody dictator. In all honesty, you yourself probably know you are just another corrupted politician in history.

Fake news? Hah! I saw this coming already mind you. I am realistic enough to know that I can never keep STR forever and that it is just a matter of time before you ban the website.

I was a writer for Temasek Review and The Real Singapore – both sites have since been shut down by your government and hence I am not new to your threats. In fact I am sick and tired of your crap. As such, I hereby assure you that in less than a week you shut down States Times Review, a new website will come up. Given my abilities, I am fully confident I can get the same number of followers even if I were to start a new site from zero. STR is only successful because your government is a corrupted regime, notwithstanding your state-controlled media Straits Times is a propaganda mule.

Many say I am hiding away in Australia taking potshots from the dark, which I agree is a good strategy and has been terrifically effective. Interestingly, I think you are the one hiding in cowardice behind your pompous Law Minister position.

I won’t return to Singapore because your government is corrupted. Period. Your police and judiciary are all corrupted. You can never get your hands on me since I’m already out of your little island prison. How about I offer you a chance to: Let’s face off each other in a single-member constituency in the 2020 election.

Singapore can never progress with face-palm yes-men like you, Tan Chuan Jin or Chan Chun Sing. Only those who dare challenge the status quo will bring Singapore to greater heights. You should grow some shame, resign and return your million dollar salaries.

Alex Tan Zhixiang
STR Editor